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-by @koujaku

Controls - Web, PC
Right mouse - move the view.
Left mouse - direct your peon!

Controls - Google Cardboard
Use your head as a pointer!
And, click the washer-thing-doo to appeal to your minion~

A game about herding sheep! Chase the sheep around and blow them into smithereens! Or just... scare them off a cliff.

Peon Pusher does have a VR build for those of you with a Google Cardboard! I may upload Oculus or something later, if I can get it working =D But don't worry, PC version is just as fun!


PeonPusher - Google Cardboard apk 18 MB
PeonPusher - Windows, no VR 10 MB
PeonPusher - Source - Unity 5.0.1 12 MB